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By: Nick Brown

Pre-Season Swans Visit

Swans players Josh Dawson and Hayden McLean joined our pre-season warm up on Monday night. How excited are these kids!

Auskick coordinator Bruce works his magic on these BUZZING kids, turning chaos into order at Kegworth. Thanks for having us, Kegworth!

Under 11’s Coach Perry has the 6 year olds running some drills

Swan Hayden McLean passed the ball with some of our Auskickers.


Josh and Hayden answered questions from kids and parents… the most popular question BY FAR “which team do you hate the most?”

The answer? We’re pleading Chatham House rules on this one. Not saying.

Q. How does the team get to games?

A. They drive themselves to local games, travel together for interstates.


Josh it looks like there’s some Cygnets caps that might never get washed again!

Huge thanks to Jordan Dawson and Hayden Mclean for joining us, and to Kegworth school for letting us use their pitch.





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