Our Auskick program is geared around teaching kids the key skills they need to play AFL in a fun and supportive environment.  As well as game-based skills training, we typically play a non-contact game, in teams sorted by age group, with players rotated around the field, to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to play forward, in the centre, and in defence.  The emphasis is on participation and fun, and developing team spirit.

The Auskick program takes place on a Sunday morning from 9-10am at Glover St Oval.  The season will run from 8 April to 26 August, with a break for the winter school holidays.

Please contact our Auskick co-ordinator, Bruce Tomkins, with any inquiries regarding our Auskick program at

We’ve also formed an U8s team which will operate under the Auskick banner but will play home and away games against other local clubs, to provide a bit of a stepping stone between Auskick and our junior teams which start at U9s.  The U8s season kicks off on 6 May, so if your child is up for a bit of competitive action, register them for Auskick and we’ll be in touch about the U8s.

U9s, U10s, U11s & U12s

Playing in junior football, boys and girls are given the opportunity to develop their AFL skills with a more free-flowing game, although there are still modified rules. It is minimal contact, with a modified tackle being introduced for the first time in U9 and gradually developed in U10, U11 and U12.

In 2020 our Under 12s will play Division 2 and one of our Under 9s teams, a mixed boys and girls team, has a female coach for the first time. We’re working towards having an all-girls team by 2021.

Our 2020 season will kick off with 3 weeks of Skills Sessions, the last 3 weeks in March at Glover St Oval (dates TBA).

Matches will take place on a Sunday morning between 9am and 12pm, and training will be at Glover St Oval on a Thursday evening from 5.30pm.  The season runs from 4 April through to 12 August.

We have spaces for extra players in all of our teams, so if your kid is interested in giving it a go, please do get in touch – we promise it’ll be a fun experience.